Welcome all! I am Mouricia.

Growing up in Hanover, Jamaica, I was fortunate to be close to one of the largest resort areas in the country, Negril. This meant I was able to visit the beach a lot and meet people from all over the world, who all encouraged me to travel. That, along with my French teacher from the 8th grade who told amazing stories of her travels, made me very interested in seeing what was out there for myself.

Jakes, Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth

Why Did I Choose Blogging?

I have always wanted to do a lot of travelling, the most challenging thing however, getting a job that paid me to do so. A year and a half ago, my friends and I got an internship, where we were tasked to redo the Heritage Map of Jamaica. To do that, we had to do a lot of travelling around the island. This allowed me to see more of Jamaica than the average person would. I really enjoyed the feeling I got driving through the different areas, seeing ancient buildings, amazing water falls, very beautiful beaches, mountains and just enjoying different sub-cultures.

Why Follow My Blog?

I have decided that I will visit at least one new country each year (you could too). So far, I have been to Trinidad, and the US, with plans to go to Europe or other parts of the Caribbean soon. Blogging gives me the perfect avenue to share what I have experienced, and guide you to have even better experiences.

I am the self proclaimed ‘Queen of Amazing deals’, so if you want advice on how to do Jamaica on a budget, you’re in the right spot! If you want to do budget travelling in general, still the right spot!

I hope my blog gives you the motivation you need to get out there and live a little, with a little!