Things To Expect: First Time Travellers


My very first time travelling, I had no idea what to do. I read every FAQ that I could find, and still, they did not tell me the little things that I wanted to know. Below I have listed a few things that will be helpful.

1- Try to arrive 3 hours before for check in.

This is not a requirement for most airlines, however, it is a good practice. What this does is ensure that you get the best seat or boarding position (your boarding position determines how many persons go on the plane before you). If the seats were not assigned during purchase, you can ask the attendant at the check-in counter for the specific seat you would like, and once they are available, you will in most cases be able to get them. I was unlucky enough to arrive less than 3 hours before my flight time and found a very long line waiting for me at check-in. I got position C which meant I was one of the last persons to board the plane. Ouch!

2- Bring A Snack On The Plane.

Once you bought the food in the airport, there should be no issues bringing it on the plane. Not every airline provides free meals, as such you should be prepared. Hunger never seems to find you unless you are somewhere without access to your food (I am a foodie with experience!). If you are unsure, you can always ask questions, as there are tons of people who are there to ensure you get the correct information.

3. Bring A Neck Cushion.

Flying in the Caribbean

I like to sleep when I travel and the journey is long. I forgot my neck cushion and my arms, neck, and shoulders suffered! If you have a long flight you may want to sleep, so don’t forget it. After a while, you will get tired of looking at clouds, and the awesomeness of the ocean, no matter how beautiful they are.

4. Wear Something Comfortable.

This is the most important thing. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, especially shoes! This will save you when you have to stand in long lines for long periods. Also when you have to walk from one end of the airport to another (The walk was so long it felt like I was in a walkathon!). Bring a blanket or a jacket, even if you are going to a warm place, as it tends to get very cold inside the plane. I was lucky enough to get one when travelling with Caribbean Airlines. Some airlines will give you a blanket, but not all will.

I hope you found these tips helpful! Have a safe and fun trip!

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  1. Sounds like you are a veteran and have been doing this for years! Your advice is sound, and much appreciated.

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