Ways To Save Money When Travelling

Being thrifty is not something most people are good at. Most cannot even be bothered to go out of their way to find an alternative. For those of us who enjoy saving while having fun, here are a few things that can help you cut cost when travelling.

1- Take regular transportation

Most persons would want to rent a car, or charter a taxi because of convenience. However, that is a very expensive means of travel that can be substituted for ordinary transportation. In Jamaica to rent a car per day can cost up to $20,000 JMD ($156USD), not including gas, and chartering a taxi is usually the same or more. This will only work out if you are travelling in a group, where the combined total would be the same (so you might as well get the convenience). Think about taking the bus or a regular taxi, which in an entire day of travel will not cost you more than $8000JMD ($62USD). For example, travelling from Kingston to Montego Bay on a regular bus, costs $950 JMD ($8USD), on the Knutsford Express prices could go up to $2950 ($22.75USD) per trip.

2- Eat where the locals eat

You can never go wrong eating where the locals eat, as you are guaranteed to get cheap and tasty food. The bonus is you get to try something new everytime you eat, while getting local rates. Food prices usually start from $350- $800 JMD (approx. $3- $7USD), so you are guaranteed to be saving money daily. You also get a more authentic experience, and you get to make friends with other tourists and locals alike. You may even be lucky to find a local person who can act as a guide (be sure to take the same precaution with strangers here as you would in your own country). It could also be fun going to the local supermarket or market, you can get cheap stuff there, as well as stuff to make your own meals.

3- Find inexpensive accommodation

Most people are of the opinion that when you travel is has to be lavish. When travelling, accommodation is one of those things that sucks your money, and really, it is just a place to sleep; the real fun is out on the road making experiences. If you are someone who absolutely has to have 4 to 5-star accommodation, compare the rates for different areas, and find awesome deals that will help to lessen the cost. FYI most 2 and 3-star places are not bad places, read the reviews, call them and find out if they have the services that you specifically want. If they have them, then you would have most likely gotten yourself a superb deal.

Other general tips include:

  • If you are someone who loves to travel, get a phone that can be unlocked to use the local network carrier, they offer amazing plans that can be used for data and international calls. You can also check the cost roaming if it is available.
  • Google Maps is your friend! You can use it to get some much needed directions (always have data on your phone to have access to this feature!), especially if you are new to the area.
  • Do not buy souvenirs when you are rushing! Take your time to compare prices, you will find better deals.
  • Use money services that are frequented by locals, the rates are usually better, which means more money for you! Yay!

I hope you found these suggestions helpful! Have a fun and safe trip!

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